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Sign up to become a chumpsoft Affiliate and start making money now! For each referred sale of our products you will get 15 percent of the sale. Referred sales can be credited to you in one of several ways:

    When a user clicks on your link to our site, we will set a cookie to credit you when they purchase.
    The user will also be prompted to type in your member id at the checkout page while purchasing.
    If neither of the above conditions matches, we try to match customer's IP to your incoming link.

This is how the reward system works: You will receive 15 percent of the total chumpsoft sales referred by you. For example, if you sell a copy of phpQuestionnaire for $99.00 USD and extended 1 year support for $23.70 USD, you will receive $44.70 USD for that sale.

We make payments out to referral partners on the 15th of every month once you have accumulated at least $25 in commissions. We reserve the right to hold commission payments for up to 60 days for each purchase. Please note that you do not begin earning commissions until your second sale (existing customer's purchases will negate this requirement).

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