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phpQuestionnnaire Junior is an online poll builder with a web-based interface that lets you easily create and display simple polls to your visitors. For the more adventurous user, complex poll grouping and chaining options exist, as well as a flexible CSS and template system that gives you the ability to customize the entire look and feel of each poll. Double vote blocking exists and poll results can be private or public. To see more, visit our online demonstration below.
> 1. PHP 4.0 or above
> 2. MySQL 3.22 or above
> 3. JavaScript/Cookie Enabled Browser (Administrators Only)
> Feature Comparison with other chumpsoft Products
> 1. Installs quickly on any webserver with PHP4 and MySQL
> 2. Detailed web-based poll, group and question editor
> 3. Run unlimited polls, groups, questions & answers
> 4. Advanced CSS and template customization
> 5. Configurable question types (radio, checkbox, select)
> 6. Optional Double-Vote Blocking (IP Address, Cookies)
> 7. Preview entire polls and individual questions
> 8. View results in colored bar graphs and percentages
> 9. Poll groups allow chaining, random polls, poll of week, ...
> 10. Activate polls based on date or time of day
> 11. Quickly backup and restore your entire database
> 12. Customizable submit and results buttons (image or CSS)
> 13. Embed polls on any page using JavaScript, SSI or PHP
> 14. A 20+ page user manual you'll never need to read!
phpQ Monster
View this script in action and see how it can work for you! Both the administrator and visitor aspects of phpQ can be seen below. The visitor demo displays a list of active surveys available for completion. The admin demo will allow you to create and edit surveys, view and export results and much more!
Admin Demo Visitor Demo
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The following is a list of currently available templates for phpQuestionnaire Junior. These can be dropped into your existing installation or used as a starting point for creating your own template customized to your site. We welcome any user contributed templates or modifications useful to others!

Blue Paw
phpQ Jr. Grey
Cute little phpQ Jr. baby. Poll will expand to fill width.
Author: chumpsoft, inc.
Download: Included in Distro
Blue Target
Red Frame
A small box in shades of red surrounds your poll.
Author: chumpsoft, inc.
Download: Included in Distro
Metal Plates
Metal Plates
A patchwork of metal plates with a white poll background.
Author: chumpsoft, inc.
Download: Included in Distro
Default Template
Default Template
The template used in the admin interface of phpQ Jr.
Author: chumpsoft, inc.
Download: Included in Distro

Additional Templates

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Easter Eggs A template designed for Easter. chumpsoft, inc. Unix | Windows
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